August 1st, 2018

 We’ve all been there. Sat there patiently waiting for the server to bring over our dish (and experiencing the heartbreak when they walk past with a similar dish for another table).   And as soon as the food comes out, so does Instagram! We love visitors snapping our dishes, so we’ve asked a few of our favourite influencers to gather their tips for snapping the best food shots….  




1. @FoodShak

"Sunny day shots or those at sunset seems to be always more popular!”. 

Sunny days just seem to make everything that much better. And the same is true when it comes to social media. So try and shoot your content when the sun is shining (or setting) and watch those likes roll in.  

2. @MarcusCooks

“Don’t be afraid to play with your food for the perfect shot” 

So turns out that your parents were wrong. You heard it from the pros… it’s okay to play with the food and re-arrange that plate!

“Make your hashtag as relevant as possible” 

Check out hashtags that food bloggers and food-based Instagram accounts are using, take a few and trial them on your own posts. Don’t just go for the cliché hashtags like #foodie to increase your chances of being discovered on the explore page.   

3. @JakesFoodBible

"You have to know your angles. Find ones that make the shot stand out!”  

Try taking your shots from different angle and select your favourite. It could be a top-down (taken over the food), from the table height (looking out over a plate) or you could even try holding the food up. The possibilities are endless!  

4. @HobbsFitness 

"Don’t use filters – there are so many great apps – like Snapseed - that avoid that allow you greater control and avoid “over editing.”  

They say less is more and when it comes to editing photos, nothing could be truer. Avoid over-editing by sticking to a simple set of filters for your entire feed and let your wonderful photos do the hard work.

"Use the ‘Rule of thirds’. Always make sure your subject’s main focus falls in either a grid section or lines up with your grid lines. 

Ever wondered why the iPhone camera comes with a grid? That’s to help shoot in the rule of thirds. Simply line your food’s main features with the cross point of the lines, or within one your rows or columns.  

(Grid not showing? Phone Settings >> Photos and Camera >> Grid >> Turn on.)  


Grab a window seat in the restaurant and shoot the side of the food where the light hits” 

Most importantly, it seems all our influencers said the key to the perfect shot was *drum roll*… LIGHTING.  

  • "Good light, good light and good light again!”
  • "Most important - lighting has to be right”
  • "Lighting is key”
  • "Make sure your subject is well lit.”  

If you want to practice your Instagram shots, why not head down to The Oast House and check out our picture perfect rotisserie menu, our fabulous fondue or our brand new cocktail selection.  

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