June 14th, 2018


You start out with the best intentions, ignoring the novelty ties and “number 1” dad mugs on the shelves, aiming for a gift worthy of the man that raised you.

But as Father’s Day creeps closer, we all soon turn to the fail-safe classic – beer.  

Whilst some may see liquid presents as an uninspired, we see it as an opportunity to cement your spot as Dad’s favourite offspring.

 So if beer is your chosen gift, at least start by choosing the best beers from around the globe. Stay clear from the classics and take Dad on a beer & ale adventure… (if only to secure the coveted favourite child trophy).  

With the help of our Beer Guru, Lauren Soderberg, we’ve compiled a guide to the best beers to buy for Dad – whatever his tastes. And not only that, all of the beers below are available behind our bar to take away in a gift pack… just in time for Father’s Day.  




1. Gamma Ray, Beavertown Brewery, London

For the Dad that’s down with the kids, Gamma Ray from Beavertown Brewery makes the perfect choice. With huge American hop flavours of bitter orange and grapefruit, this is a beer Dad can sit and drink all day long. (Just note, the 5.4% ABV has been known to induce Dad jokes…)

2. Hanalei IPA, Kona, Hawaii

Inspired by Hawaiian P.O.G juice (Passion fruit, orange and guava), this beverage is as fruity and funky as those novelty shirts you just wish he’d throw away. The brewery describes this beer as “liquid aloha” and we’re inclined to agree.

3. Erdinger Weissbräu Low Alcohol, Germany

For fitness-focused Dads, try our low-alcohol range, which includes the refreshing, isotonic and vitamin-rich Erdinger Low Alcohol. Containing both folic acid and Vitamin B12 , this low-calorie beer is a hit amongst marathon runners and German sports players alike. Perfect for the Dad who still likes to talk about “how he could have made it” without that injury…

4.  Flat White, Alphabet Brewing, Manchester

If your Dad can’t start the morning without his morning brew, then tempt his taste buds with this coffee-infused can. Combining milk, oats and cofee to deliver a flat white coffee hit!

5. Three Bean Stout, Lervig, Norway  

There’s more to the world of stout than Guinness…so broaden Dad’s horizon with this Imperial Stout. Imperial Stouts were originally brewed for Czars of Russia in the 18th Century, after Peter the Great of Russia enjoyed the taste of Stouts on a trip to England.  Unfortunately, they spoilt on the return journey so, to survive transport, the alcohol levels were increased, resulting in rich, dark beers with a high ABV% (Alcohol By Volume). 


The above beers, along with all of our beer gift packs, are available to buy behind the bar! Each beer gift pack has been designed to take the strain of picking up a delicious range of beers, by selecting 3 of our favourites from our new Ale Inventory. Explore our gift packs here

If you’re still a little unsure on the right beer, why not treat Dad to an Ale Tasting Masterclass and he can discover his favourite for himself! Perfect for groups of 6 or more, our expertly-curated masterclasses explore local and world-famous beers, taking you on a journey of hops, maize and barley. Be it the Best of Britain or The History of Ales, there’s a package for every Dad. Explore more here  



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